The History

It seeded from a dream, flourishes into an ambition and eventually makes it ways into reality. 6 years ago, two fresh graduates from a reputable university dipped their foot on to the real world. Each with a dream if their own, to be a successful person and to be the greatest in the media business.

Anantya (23) and Rama (25) first met when they work together to run a community website for one of dbb/vertigo client in 2002. Just like fire and oxygen, they both match up and think alike. One website isn’t enough. Within a year and a half they manage to make a website division within the company.

Starting small, two people full of ideas, determination and share the same dream. They manage to handle 3 clients within their first year handling their web division. The team grows, with internal programmer and also one content editor. Their vision had become clearer; they have to contribute something to the industry. Not just because they feel they could, it’s more because they already put their heart, mind, and soul into the website industry.

They breathe, eat, drink, and sleep with internet.

In the medio of 2006, they manage to establish a new division within PT IdeSeni BriyanGita (ISBG), an Indonesian Advertising Agency, called Think.Web to truly channel their dreams. Being the mastermind and also setting their soul in to the division, they give birth to the idea of a website agency that truly caters the clients need. Gives the much needed expertise and also consultation about what’s the online business is truly about.

Think.Web Logo

Worked close together with two talented person, Hari Hendrawan and Jeffry Rahatama has made the division mature even better. Small office, small crew but they surely make a loud voice. Within a year the division has caught the attention of Mr Febriyanto the owner of ISBG. Rama and Anantya have then decided to make the division into a full scale company and materialize their idea about website agency. They collaborated with Hari Hendrawan, Jeffry Rahatama, Mr Febriyanto and ISBG as partners for the birth of PT Thinksmart Ide Brajendra (with Think.Web as its brand name), a full scale company that serve as a website agency (part of the ISBG holding group). The dream has now become a reality, but it’s just the first page of the second book.

“Some says that any fool can make history but it needed a genius to write one. We would like to be those geniuses and truly share our history in the online business” ~ Anantya – Rama ~

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